Tuesday, March 2, 2010


so it's 2010 and i'm ashamed to have only posted once in months! (HOW is it march already?) if you're wondering what on earth we've been up to, the first thing to do is check out our new facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/sandfootphotography. it's there that we've been putting all of our free winter energy lately, but we're absolutely not going to continue neglecting the blog. (promise!) if you're on facebook, please check us out and become a fan - we're sharing lots of archives and revving up for an exciting year ahead!

in the meantime, keep checking here as well for new posts, thoughts, and upcoming specials. if we can EVER get this nasty weather out of the way, we're ready to see your smiling faces...and if not, we're just going to have to start dancing in the rain!

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