Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mr. & mrs. mccall

i had another first time experience this month when i visited the wake county courthouse with two of my most favorite friends - alana and ray. the plan was to meet them after they tied the knot for a celebratory photo session, but timing was on our side and it just so happened that i was able to join their families and witness (with proof on the camera to prove it) as they took the plunge to be together forever!

marriage is an enormous commitment whether it's done at the fanciest cathedral or in the backyard (or at the courthouse!), and i wasn't about to allow them to miss out on freezing their big moment for generations to see! it was a special day for this couple and for their families, and it's certainly one that i will never forget. just LOOK at this beautiful love:


Lisa said...

Perfect song!

Angela McCall Hill said...

Great job! You helped make their day and I thank you for that.