Tuesday, October 28, 2008

christina & brandon

christina was referred to me by our mutual friend (and my former co-worker at mmi), michelle. it's always fun to get a friend of a friend - it's almost like "connection clients" come with their own disclaimer based on who they know. with the understanding that this bride was lifelong bff's with one of the most awesome and down-to-earth ladies i've ever known, i couldn't wait to get to know christina and brandon. (i miss you michelle!!)

i've been waiting for so long to do a fair session, and when one of my favorite new brides, christina, told me that she and brandon had some special nc state fair history, i jumped on the chance to make it happen. thankfully, they were gutsy enough to brave the craziest fair crowd i've ever seen!

so, post fried pecan-pie and demolition derby, there we were - a ridiculously photogenic and fun couple and an overly excited photographer in the middle of the madness. i had a blast! THANK YOU christina and brandon for one of my favorite engagement sessions yet!

angela & mike

i went back to chapel hill for another fun engagement session last week with angela and mike - both carolina grads who love their old stomping ground as much as i do. :) they'll be married memorial day weekend of '09, and i can't wait to be a part of their day. (if the groom makes as many crazy faces on his wedding day as he did at this session, i'll have lots of laughs to look forward to...let's just hope no one splits their pants!)

thanks angela and mike! can't wait til may!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i've wanted to post these for some time now and apologize for taking so long to share it. i want to say a special thank you to melissa and kevin meyer for allowing me to document this very important time in their handsome little man's life. hinton turned 2 in september!
for those of you who know this family and those of you who may only know their story, i hope that you have found as much inspiration in their incredible spirit as i have over the last year. it's been said that it takes a very special family to raise a child with special needs, and in the short time that i spent with melissa and hinton last month, i was most definitely in the presence of something special. one thing is for sure, this little boy loves his mommy.
of all the miracles in life that most of us take for granted, there is nothing more beautiful than a child's smile.

Monday, October 20, 2008

kyra & gene

wow. that's all i can say about this beautiful couple, their wonderful families, and their entertaining friends. this time i'm going with less talk, more images. these shots describe themselves. what a wonderful day! best wishes to mr. and mrs. cook!!!