Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mr. & mrs. mccall

i had another first time experience this month when i visited the wake county courthouse with two of my most favorite friends - alana and ray. the plan was to meet them after they tied the knot for a celebratory photo session, but timing was on our side and it just so happened that i was able to join their families and witness (with proof on the camera to prove it) as they took the plunge to be together forever!

marriage is an enormous commitment whether it's done at the fanciest cathedral or in the backyard (or at the courthouse!), and i wasn't about to allow them to miss out on freezing their big moment for generations to see! it was a special day for this couple and for their families, and it's certainly one that i will never forget. just LOOK at this beautiful love:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my how we've grown

until last saturday, i've only seen the beautiful miss cammi a handful of times since this photo was taken of us at the beach (i'm guessing about 15 years ago). we laughed about how things have changed - i'm an old married woman and she's a senior in high school! it means the world to me to get to photograph moments like these. thanks ladies (and gentleman) for making it such a blast!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

here comes baby creef

i had the exciting opportunity to work with nikki and wes last month to document the beautiful new belly this mom-to-be is sporting. i imagine that by now they're more than ready to welcome their baby girl into the world! here's to the incredible days (and nights) ahead for this new family!

good luck to you both - i can't wait to meet that baby girl!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


it doesn't matter how old i get (and i know i'm not that old...still...), it's always a little crazy to meet the babies of good old friends. it's sometimes unbelievable to think that we're all old enough to be a real person's parents!

some very thoughtful folks gave julie and jim a sandfoot photography portrait session as a baby gift (gift certificates are always available!) and i was fortunately able to drop in and see the new parents in action last month at their home. riddick is AMAZING. he was such a good baby for his session and if he hadn't looked just like his daddy's mini-me, i wouldn't have believed i was looking at jim bain's baby! (just kidding jim.)

congratulations julie and jim! he's every bit as handsome as i expected from you two!


so it's 2010 and i'm ashamed to have only posted once in months! (HOW is it march already?) if you're wondering what on earth we've been up to, the first thing to do is check out our new facebook fan page at it's there that we've been putting all of our free winter energy lately, but we're absolutely not going to continue neglecting the blog. (promise!) if you're on facebook, please check us out and become a fan - we're sharing lots of archives and revving up for an exciting year ahead!

in the meantime, keep checking here as well for new posts, thoughts, and upcoming specials. if we can EVER get this nasty weather out of the way, we're ready to see your smiling faces...and if not, we're just going to have to start dancing in the rain!