Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'm still here...promise!

whew! with the end of my '08 wedding season, i expected to have more time on my hands to catch up on other things - i couldn't have been more wrong. i'm not complaining, just leading up to a big apology for neglecting my blog. SORRY! i'll be posting a series of images to make up for it. here's the first.
when my crazy friend and favorite wedding planner, nikol murphy of chantoosie events called me before her session and said her boys had been feeling kinda icky that morning, i wasn't sure what to expect. i like my kids wild and smiley, but this session taught me that it's not always such a bad thing to catch 'em on a day when they're mild...nikol swears that the angels i saw in our session don't always show their wings. :)

this is my favorite. not that i like to make kids cry, but i think it sums up the day and i hope that one day when the boys bring home dates to mom and dad, this will be one treasured photograph that comes out with the embarrassing bathtub pics.

i'm in love with downtown apex! thanks so much to the apex fire department for having us, and to conner and tucker for hanging in there. murphy's, let's do it again soon!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

amanda & kenji

i cannot get enough of this wedding. amanda and kenji are a carolina golden couple, and their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. the ceremony was held at the gorgeous north raleigh united methodist church and was followed by an awesome evening at 1705 prime. imagine a room full of beautiful people, ALL of which have voices of angels and more rhythm than michael jackson...or at least, they'd like to. ;) you can't beat it.

amanda is a unc loreleis alumna, and her crew of lady a-cappella geniuses was right there to back her up on her big day. it just so happens that kenji is a clef, and his boys were also front and center - not to be outdone by their lovely counterparts. if you've never had the honor of being part of a loreleis or clef hangers audience, you have no idea what you're missing. if you have, then you can imagine what an incredible thing it must have been to have all of these cool kids in packed into one reception.

congratulations to mr. and mrs. brantley for the life you've shared so far, the friends you've made and the families you've joined, and please, please don't you dare forget to call me when you throw your next party!