Monday, June 30, 2008

my biggest fan...busted

when someone new discovers that i'm a photographer, a series of questions usually follows: what kind of camera do you have? did you go to school for that? who's your favorite photographer? what's your favorite photograph of all time?

i usually tell them that i work with a canon, i took a few classes, and then rattle off a list of some of the greats - annie leibovitz, sally mann, etc. it's that last question that i usually can't answer. it's like someone asking about my favorite song. it depends on the day. my mind might jump from bon jovi to joss stone to george strait to chris brown in a span of 15 seconds.

maybe it's selfish, but today, this is my favorite photograph of all time.

i grew up lucky enough to have an awesome family behind me in everything that i did (or attempted to do). a little more than a year ago when i called home to say "i'm quitting my job and i'm going to be a photographer," my daddy said "if this is what you want to do, then do it. i'm behind you."

last weekend when every head in the room was turned on the most important woman of the day, one man was looking right back at the camera. there was all kinds of love in the room that day.
thanks daddy for believing. you're sitting in the back of the church next time!

mr. & mrs. mann

i love shooting weddings for obvious reasons - the creative plans coming together, the decorations, the dress, the families grinning through the stress of the day. still through it all, i love the little moments the most. these are the parts of the day that we don't expect, couldn't plan if we tried, and couldn't fake for a thing in the world.

i photographed my first true family wedding last weekend - my cousin brent was lucky enough to land this beautiful bride, shannon. it's very different to work in a room (or yard) full of family and friends than it is to work for a couple who sees me simply as their wedding photographer. i look at the groom and can't help but think of g.i. joes and rough games of backyard football. i love it just the same.

here are some of my favorite moments from shannon and brent's day.

what do most grooms do before their wedding? i found this one working in the back of his chicken house. these are his other women. :)

miss natalie forgot to put on her flower girl dress before she peaked out of the church door.

the last few minutes of unmarried life.

wheeeere's the flower girl?

now THIS doesn't happen at every wedding. poor brent. who needs birdseed when you've got rope, a waterhose, flour, molasses, and chocolate syrup?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

freedom ridin'

in keeping with last weekend's excitement factor, this one was no less enticing. that's right, yesterday you could have found me (and my camera) on the back of this very harley with mr. grady - a veteran and member of rolling thunder, an organization dedicated to the support veterans and prisoners of war.

an enthusiastic heap of bikers turned out to support our troops for the annual uso freedom ride and i was lucky enough to be part of that too. even chewey couldn't resist the wind in his hair!

a special thanks to the uso for the important work that you do. as they say, "until every one comes home," may God bless each and every soldier.

a DAY in the life

not long ago a normal work day for me began at 8:30 and ended after 5. i'd get up from my desk, leave the office, and come back the next day to do it all again. it was a good life, but when it comes to interesting excitement, this life knocks that one out of the park.

last saturday i began my workday in on my favorite campus in chapel hill at 8 a.m. with heather and chase. this pretty pretty couple will be married on january 31st and i guarantee that it will be as sweet and as much fun as they are. love you two!

at 10 a.m. i headed over to hasentree, an luxury development just off of highway 98 in raleigh, to capture the grand opening of the family activity center. residents gathered at the pool for a full day of activities, music, and food to celebrate their surroundings and socialize. i documented their entire day until 5 p.m. did i mention it was 102 degrees?

"by the way," i was told, "we'll have a helicoptor here for you at 3:30 for you to take some aerial photographs of the community." no sweat.

when my watch hit 5, i hit a shower (thank goodness for the locker room in the hasentree fac!) because at 6, i was scheduled to be energized and smell nice with a camera in hand at the north carolina education ball.

benefitting our state's school children through communities in schools of north carolina, this is one of my favorite yearly charity events in the triangle. the evening took place at the progress energy center for performing arts. it began with a progressive dinner and silent auction, followed by a live auction, (a false fire alarm...oops), and some incredible performances by the perfect mix of local students and professional entertainers including tina fabrique, brandi massey, michelle jennings, scott pearson and more. i had a front row seat for the show that made me love my line of work even more - even at the end of such a long day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

mr. & mrs. thiebaud

once upon a time a northern college girl went on spring break. on the ride from ohio to the obx she probably laughed with her girlfriends, kicked back, relaxed, and prepared to let loose. she had no idea that somewhere among the sand that week she would meet a boy...and that the ride home would be very different.

a couple of long distance years and too many plane tickets later, that boy dropped to his knee at this very spot and asked her to be his wife.

i headed to medina, ohio on memorial day weekend (with my good sport of a riding buddy in tow - thanks grandma!) to document one of the most FUN weddings i've ever witnessed. this couple had me laughing and crying behind the camera as they shook off their nerves, made a vow, smiled for me, and partied like rockstars 'til the night was over.

congratulations allison and kristien, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your crazy beautiful wonderfully unforgettable day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

catching up with lady mac

i've been one busy girl for the last few weeks. it's been one thing after another. corporate shots for my friends at strategic guru, family portraits for the gorgeous cozyn's, a wedding in ohio, the scrap exchange for fifteen501, a legislative reception for the greater raleigh chamber of commerce, and oh, yeah...a mini-vacation back home on the outer banks - hey, a girl's gotta stop sometime.

now i'm back and i'm editing as fast as my computer will run. i've just finished a few new portraits of mackenzie layne, the tiny red-haired, bow-butted beauty that you may have seen on my website around the holidays. she's growing up so quickly!