Thursday, June 12, 2008

mr. & mrs. thiebaud

once upon a time a northern college girl went on spring break. on the ride from ohio to the obx she probably laughed with her girlfriends, kicked back, relaxed, and prepared to let loose. she had no idea that somewhere among the sand that week she would meet a boy...and that the ride home would be very different.

a couple of long distance years and too many plane tickets later, that boy dropped to his knee at this very spot and asked her to be his wife.

i headed to medina, ohio on memorial day weekend (with my good sport of a riding buddy in tow - thanks grandma!) to document one of the most FUN weddings i've ever witnessed. this couple had me laughing and crying behind the camera as they shook off their nerves, made a vow, smiled for me, and partied like rockstars 'til the night was over.

congratulations allison and kristien, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your crazy beautiful wonderfully unforgettable day!

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