Monday, June 30, 2008

mr. & mrs. mann

i love shooting weddings for obvious reasons - the creative plans coming together, the decorations, the dress, the families grinning through the stress of the day. still through it all, i love the little moments the most. these are the parts of the day that we don't expect, couldn't plan if we tried, and couldn't fake for a thing in the world.

i photographed my first true family wedding last weekend - my cousin brent was lucky enough to land this beautiful bride, shannon. it's very different to work in a room (or yard) full of family and friends than it is to work for a couple who sees me simply as their wedding photographer. i look at the groom and can't help but think of g.i. joes and rough games of backyard football. i love it just the same.

here are some of my favorite moments from shannon and brent's day.

what do most grooms do before their wedding? i found this one working in the back of his chicken house. these are his other women. :)

miss natalie forgot to put on her flower girl dress before she peaked out of the church door.

the last few minutes of unmarried life.

wheeeere's the flower girl?

now THIS doesn't happen at every wedding. poor brent. who needs birdseed when you've got rope, a waterhose, flour, molasses, and chocolate syrup?

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