Monday, June 30, 2008

my biggest fan...busted

when someone new discovers that i'm a photographer, a series of questions usually follows: what kind of camera do you have? did you go to school for that? who's your favorite photographer? what's your favorite photograph of all time?

i usually tell them that i work with a canon, i took a few classes, and then rattle off a list of some of the greats - annie leibovitz, sally mann, etc. it's that last question that i usually can't answer. it's like someone asking about my favorite song. it depends on the day. my mind might jump from bon jovi to joss stone to george strait to chris brown in a span of 15 seconds.

maybe it's selfish, but today, this is my favorite photograph of all time.

i grew up lucky enough to have an awesome family behind me in everything that i did (or attempted to do). a little more than a year ago when i called home to say "i'm quitting my job and i'm going to be a photographer," my daddy said "if this is what you want to do, then do it. i'm behind you."

last weekend when every head in the room was turned on the most important woman of the day, one man was looking right back at the camera. there was all kinds of love in the room that day.
thanks daddy for believing. you're sitting in the back of the church next time!


Anonymous said...

I am your biggest fan, and I always will be. I'm SO proud of you. You might find a man to love you, but never like I do.

I love you doodle-bug.


Melody said...

I must say. I am a very, very close second! ... and I miss you, Roommate!

One Chantoosie Doosie said...

What a beautiful picture and story...

Anonymous said...

Good to see you "cutting loose" at Melissa and Michael's wedding. I've enjoyed checking out your blog (good job!) and also enjoyed your recent Pendleton wedding. Looks like everything is going your way and I hope it continues.

Viva LaDiva said...

Have I mentioned your dad is awesome?? I swear its something in the Davis blood :)