Tuesday, March 2, 2010


it doesn't matter how old i get (and i know i'm not that old...still...), it's always a little crazy to meet the babies of good old friends. it's sometimes unbelievable to think that we're all old enough to be a real person's parents!

some very thoughtful folks gave julie and jim a sandfoot photography portrait session as a baby gift (gift certificates are always available!) and i was fortunately able to drop in and see the new parents in action last month at their home. riddick is AMAZING. he was such a good baby for his session and if he hadn't looked just like his daddy's mini-me, i wouldn't have believed i was looking at jim bain's baby! (just kidding jim.)

congratulations julie and jim! he's every bit as handsome as i expected from you two!


Michele said...

What a sweetie he is! So glad I got to see:-) Julie you look GREAT...Shelley kept me posted on you:-) Hope you are all doing well!

Mandy said...

Wow...he sure does look like Jim's mini me. He is gorgeous. Congratulations, you guys!