Sunday, March 8, 2009

stacey & kelly

when i got into photography, i imagined spending my time documenting special moments for those around me. i did not imagine that a short time later, i'd be documenting my best friend's journey into motherhood. i mean, other people do this kind of thing all the time, but us?! wow. here comes life!

i'm so excited for stacey and kelly. they were both born to be parents, and although they've refused to tell anyone what baby boy's real name will be when he arrives, i know that whoever he is, he will be born into the most adoring hands possible...then he'll be passed around to hundreds more adoring hands as soon as this community gets the chance to welcome him!

he's a thumb sucker!

baby buck's soon to be favorite place to hang (if he has any of his parents' blood at all).

finally, the only prego I know who has enough ups to make this one look real!

love you both. can't wait to meet baby boy davis!!!


Lisa said...

Beautiful photos as always!!

LOVE the one of them sitting in the Adirondack chairs by the water -- breathtaking!

stacey & kelly said...

thank you for giving us one of the most special times during our pregnancy. we had so much fun taking these pictures and it meant even more to share the experience w/ u! now, we can't wait for our baby boy to arrive so you can take his picture!!

LOVE THESE PICTURES! and love you!

Anonymous said...

I thought we'd already decided his name is Johnny. Great pictures of a great family Allison. I think these are some of my favorites. Take good care of our girl Kelly. Love ya'll.

The other Davis'

Sarah said...

Oh my word, I love these! Stacey looks SO great! :)

Michele said...

AWWW...what AWESOME pics! Great to have met you at my Mom's on Sunday before Amanda's wedding:-) Will definately be checking your blog regularly now:-) LOVE all of your work:-)