Wednesday, February 25, 2009

laura & stephen

babies, babies, everywhere! with all the beautiful glowing mamas-to-be floating around these days, it's hard not to get excited about the baby BOOM i'm convinced is happening right now. laura is no different - she's been smiling for months, and poor stephen is so excited that he doesn't even know his baby girl already has him wrapped around his finger.

i had so much fun with these two at their home in roxboro on sunday! stephen is actually the crazy first cousin of my almost-husband (wow...i have an almost-husband), so this session was extra special because i got to spend it with some almost-family! baby lexie will be spoiled rotten, and as if all of her other adoring fans won't be here to do it, i'm going to be sure to spoil her too!

officially the cutest baby girl nursery i've ever seen!

stephen, if it embarrasses you that i'm blogging about you and laura, too bad. (just think of what i COULD have posted for the world to see!) besides, i can't help it...these sessions get more and more fun everytime!

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