Thursday, February 19, 2009


i couldn't wait to post this one! little lady payton and her mama and daddy gave me one of the most fun baby shoots i think i'll ever do. this baby beauty is a little over 5 weeks old, looks like a doll, and already has an awesome sense of humor. :)

if i've learned anything in my time as a portrait photographer, it's that you can never NEVER know what to expect from kids...especially the itty bitty ones. payton made her naked baby photo debut one that none of us in that room will ever forget...or let her forget. ;) scott and wendy, this is a story for the first date.

thanks y'all!


Mandy said...

Wendy told me what happened. That is just too funny! And the picture you got of them laughing about the situation is so natural. I loved it! Beautiful pictures once again!

Lisa said...

So precious! Love that crinkled up little nose in the first picture!

Great work as always :-)

Jamie's Block said...

i just love that first pic with her crinked nose. it's hilarious.

stacey said...

the first picture is so stinkin cute that i've looked at it twice everyday since u posted it!!!