Friday, June 18, 2010

Change is good...

thanks to all for waiting so patiently (and impatiently - you gave me some laughs) for the big announcement this week! it's time that i share the news and i couldn't be more excited to do it! there are essentially three things that you need to know:

1) sandfoot photography will no longer be operating solely out of the back seat of my car, the third bedroom in my home, or the closest starbucks - WHOOO-HOOO! we're moving to a new location in uptown roxboro and can't wait to make that change! i'm most excited to finally have an awesome place to display all of your beautiful faces!

2) sandfoot photography will no longer be an all-inclusive photography business, but will focus entirely on weddings, bridals, engagements, and all things wedding-related. aside from a very cool product uplift and a few new options for our much-loved brides coming soon, absolutely nothing will change with our weddings. you'll still get the service and style you came for.

3) HERE'S THE BIG ONE. now that you're slightly panicked by the thought of losing family, children and senior portraits at sandfoot photography (if you're not, i'm pretending you are), i'm excited to announce the launch of a new portrait studio to cover it all, and it's even better than anything we could offer before.

STUDIO YOU is a collaboration photography studio specializing in lifestyle portraiture including maternity, babies, children, families, and seniors BOTH on-location (just like before), and in our super-cool studio. the collaboration was happily created as a partnership between sandfoot photography and lianna's photography of roxboro. so, sandfoot followers, some of you know her already, but if you don't, meet my new friend and partner in crime, lianna slaughter.

please check out our new website at for bios, background, galleries, and more info. STUDIO YOU is located at 34 court street in uptown roxboro (also the new home of sandfoot photography), and we'll keep you posted on a grand opening event coming soon. we hope you'll come out and see us!
thanks again to all who have helped us through this process. we coudn't have done it without you. and finally to our awesome followers and clients, we can't wait to see your face through our lenses!


Lisa said...

Congrats!! Post some pics of the new space for those of us who won't be near Roxboro anytime soon ;-) Way to grow, girls!

Bradley said...

What part of Roxboro? I live in Timberlake and would love to come and check out some of your artwork. Maybe even learn a couple of things.

Anonymous said...

are you ever gonna post to this blog again. LOVE YA