Tuesday, September 15, 2009

courtnie & brad

oooooh so much fun! i had the exciting honor of hanging out with courtnie and brad last week in raleigh for one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time. these two will be having a big shebang in june, and if the fun runs as high on their wedding day as it does on a normal day with these two, i KNOW it'll be a blast!

courtnie and brad met at city limits saloon, one of raleigh's favorite hot spots (that's right, sometimes you really CAN meet the love of your life at a bar). actually, they met right here...

...and that's also where this groom proposed. (no, not on a normal wild night at city limits, but during a private date where he arranged for a little music, a little dancing on an empty floor, and a big question that was met with a YES!)

big thanks to city limits for letting us drop in!

one more stop...that's right. :)

congratulations to mr. & mrs. gaylord. can't wait to do it again on the big day!!!


Lisa said...

SO cute! Love the backdrop and the story behind it, too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Allison...and such a sweet story.

Nicole & Ryal Curtis said...

Love the photo in the cart! Awesome work.