Thursday, August 27, 2009

hanging with baby ben

First of all, nothing beats a baby boy in oshkosh overalls...i mean nothing. :) please look at that grin.

it's been six months since i first met courtney and daniel. i photographed the couple back in february - courtney with her beautiful baby-to-be-belly and daniel with that unmistakable i'm-gonna-be-a-daddy kind of grin. ben was born in april, and at three months, he's absolutely one of the sweetest and toughest little men i've ever had the pleasure to meet.

like his daddy and uncle, ben is guaranteed to grow up loving the farm. from the looks of it, i think the farm might just love him!

...but me and my camera, i'm not so sure. ;)

thanks so much to the hendersons for allowing me to catch a glimpse of your new family! looking forward to years of precious times to come.


Lisa said...

Precious!!! Love the critters, too.

Anonymous said...

Great pics the cow with its tongue sticking out...LOL

Southern said...

So cute - these pics are actually how I found your blog. I'm a friend of a member of the family and she sent these along - love the animal pics!