Monday, June 8, 2009


i've had so much fun with these babies lately! i did a maternity session for casey and jim back before Christmas, and i thought they were excited that baby then!

callie was born on march 29th, and she's just as beautiful as any kid with two pretty parents could possibly be. maybe it's the daddy's girl in me, but i can't help but love these first couple of images. jim might be a giant compared to his baby girl, but he's not too big to be completely wrapped around her tiny finger.

and maybe my favorite shot of all - i think she may have been trying to tell me to get that camera out of her face before she handled business herself. :) i don't blame her. a little girl's gotta be tough!

congratulations casey and jim on your beautiful beautiful little lady. can't wait to watch her grow!

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Mandy said...

I got to meet little Callie yesterday. She is a sweetie pie. I love the pictures!