Tuesday, January 20, 2009

traci & david

it's not often that i find myself in the presence of a truly and completely calm, cool, and collected wedding day. every bride deserves at least one meltdown. maybe she had one somewhere along the way, but from where i stood on january 3rd, traci monroe (now weaver) handled it like a pro. maybe it was the fact that she was marrying her best friend david that kept her smiling. maybe it was her wonderful family and friends. maybe it was the support of nikol from chantoosie events. then again, maybe it was the shoes. :) here's how it happened.

the beautiful bride got ready for her big day at her parents' home.

then headed to church for the final touches.

david and his crew were ready and waiting.

traci killed time with her bridesmaids before the ceremony and practiced the dance she had choreographed for the ladies to perform later that night. (see traci's mom on the far left. she served double duty as mother of the bride and matron of honor. how cool!)

traci's dad looks on.

here comes the bride.

the couple joins traci's entire dance school for the first reception of the day. these students adore her. you'd think these two were celebrities in that room!

finally, the first dance.

sugar entertained the crowd all night long. (i must say i don't have a bad gig either. i get to do what i love while listening to some gooooood music. i love sugar!)

here goes showtime!

this bride was in high-demand as a dance partner, and her brother made sure he took a turn.

what a day! thank you traci and david for allowing me to be a part of it!

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