Monday, July 28, 2008

Christmas in july with cara & martin

exactly 12 hours after i became someone's "fiance" last weekend, i put my photographer hat back on and headed over to cara's place to begin shooting the most unique wedding i've done to date. you'd think i'd be a wreck that day, and on the inside maybe i was, but it turned out that my mind was in wedding overdrive, and my eye was ready for every special moment it could find.

i met cara and martin back in january, and when i heard that their july wedding would have a Christmas theme, i couldn't wait to join the party. after a hilarious trip to wrightsville beach with the couple for their engagement shoot (see "back to the beach," posted in may) and an afternoon of bridal portraits in pullen park with cara (where she found no shame in changing into her wedding gown in the middle of the parking lot), i knew this would be a wedding to remember.

these are a few of my favorite moments:
tip #1 for a successful wedding day - don't forget to eat. cara checked that off her list with a little mickey d's.
tip #2 - get the groom to the church on time.
tip #3 - say a little prayer.
you can't have a Christmas wedding without poinsettias.

here comes santa claus!

tip #28 - don't forget to take a break with dad.

and finally, remember that as soon as you get to the end of that line, the wedding ends - time for life to begin. from what i hear, that's the best part.

congratulations to mr. and mrs. haley!!!

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